Friday, June 3, 2011

Weekend at BURNies Bundle from Curren$y and the Jets.

This is pretty late for me for a first post of the day, but i had a few errands to take care of. With that being said, I present to you Curren$y's next up and coming street album, Weekend at Burnies. Bahaha the name gets me every time. Anyway not only are we getting the album, which is always a plus from Curren$y and his Jet Life family, but you can buy the album in, what the Jets are calling, The Weekend At Burnies Bundle. It's crazy. Check it all out HERE and make sure you cop Weekend At Burnies dropping 06.28.2011.

Shot of Bundle.

1. Cd version of Weekend At Burnies
2. Green Plastic Grinder, 4/20 Jet life Logo on Top
3. Instant MP3 download of Weekend At Burnies
Enjoy Fam! We here at Appealing Sound Will!

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