Friday, May 6, 2011


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Okay, Imagine yourself being trapped in a war torn, Eastern European piece of shit country like Owen Wilson in Behind Enemy Lines (awesome movie by the way), and then a moment later imagine a meteor crash land on your enemies in the war zone and restores balance to the whole world. That was kind of a far stretch as to what Wiz's 2010 Kush&Orange Juice Mixtape did to the rap landscape at the time. We finally had a weed rapper that was truly only about weed, cool as fuck, still a little underground and trendy as hell. Not to mention swagged out, and if you had been tracking Wiz's production and style over the past few years the style has definitely changed. From his younger days, spitting furious bars in the Prince of the City 1 and 2 and the Grow Season series to the mellohype marijuana mingled verses we are so used to nowadays from the "501 Young." Kush and Orange Juice is arguably Wiz's first BANGER, and I don't mean any disrespect to Flight School, Deal or No Deal or any of those Tapes, but the production quality, sound, general feel and soul, and vibe you get from Kush&Orange Juice is reminiscent of Harlem MC and Baptist Preacher Mase'sHarlem World on Puff's Bad Boy Label.

From the up beat cuts like, "Were Done" and "In the Cut" to the more laid back, Ganja glorifying Anthems like "Still Blazing and " Mezmorized" Or even the more old school, synth sounding ballads like "The Kid Frankie" Wiz continues to deliver on every track and every project the man gets. Shit, Follow him @TWITTERCHUMP.

Front Cover of "Kush and Orange Juice."

Back Cover of "Kush and Orange Juice" and tracklist.

Download Link HERE

Couple singles and individual downloads.

Still Blazin.

"Spotlight"- Wiz Khalifa Ft. Killa Kyleon

"Pedal To The Medal" Ft. Johnny Juliano

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  1. dude what song is "TOLD YALL, YALL WAS GONNA BUMP MY SHIT!" from? I can not think of it