Monday, May 30, 2011

YES! ha

Star of The Hangover, Zach Galifianakis, showing the world the perfect hangover cure.

Snoop Talks weed :)

Tha Biggest of the Big Homies Snoop , keeps it real for High Times.

Wiz Talks Rolling Papers, TGOD And Basically Just Real Nigga Shit.

Okay I get that I can't be biased, but fugg it, Wiz is the freshest out doing it right now in my eyes. And thats really all it comes down to right? hahaha
T.G.O.D, Camo shorts and Chuck Tay's bitch.

"Coochie Crook" - Sir Michael Rocks

This one is for all my ladies out there. #Deseanknowsladies

"Livin' It Up" - Sir Michael Rocks x Trademark Da Skydiver

love to see Jetlife and Tha Cool Kids link up and this joint does not disappoint at all. Iv'e really been feeling a lot of the solo joints that Sir Michael Rocks has been putting out as of late. Dudes doin his thing for sure. Track off of Mikey's The Rock's Report which you can download HERE

"Reefer Party" (GSPF) - Wiz Khalifa Ft. Neako x Chevy


MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) Goin In for Suckafree

This is Hip Hop. Enjoy Fam

Who!....Thr33zy McFly? Damn Right Fam!

Just saw this freestyle and this dude, Thr33zy McFly , killed! Gonna do some homework on tha Big Homie for sure, but in the mean time here yall go. Enjoy Fam

Yelawolf on "Kill My Nightmare" while getting tatted.

Studio Life: Yelawolf performs and explains "Kill My Nightmare" from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Man I really want a Tattoo. Seeing this just re-ignited my passion for em. Memorial day is starting to turn into Yelawolf day here at APPEALINGSOUND, and I kind of like it.

"Everyday Chillin (Video)" - Chip Tha Ripper

A little behind on posting this, shit though, I be doing other stuff! Coincidentally I was probably bumpin this with the homies out on the water. #Thumbsup for Lake Days! Swagged out Visual we've got here off of Chip's Gift Raps mixtape.

Daddy's Lambo BTS (Video)

Exclusive look at Yelawolf's highly anticipated "Daddys Lambo" music video set to drop sometime next week. The song's off of Yela's Trunk Muzik: 0-60 album available on ITUNES. Shout out to #Hardknocktv and 2DBZ for the visual.

"In My Zone" - Young Mac

Was watching Wale's The Cloud video and this was queued up underneath it. Not bad at all. I have no clue who dude is, but keep it pushin.

"The Cloud (Video)" - Wale Ft. Tiara Thomas

Joint off Wale's More About Nothing mixtape. This was honestly one of my favorite tracks on the tape and this visual is just the shit I've been waiting for. Follow Wale.

Full Tape Download HERE.

Peanut Butter and Swelly Mixtape - Chiddy Bang

Back cover and track list

Download Here: Peanut Butter and Swelly

Newest Mixtape by the hiphop collective Chiddy Bang. FUCK YES. Shout out to Pigeons&Planes for this gem.

"Paranoid Android" - Weezer (Radiohead Cover)

Happy Memorial Day.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Breakin Down Some Woody" - GLC x Three Six Mafia

Parental Advisory: Explicit Content Warning.
Fuggin Right.

"Breakin' Down Some Woody" - GLC x Three Six Mafia

"Slow John" - Lil Wayne x Rick Ross VS. Com Truise! (JOINTs)

Ok first of all...the term "Mashup" is played out. Yep I reserve the power to retire words so whenever a "mashup" is posted on MY blog it will be referred to as a "JOINTs" (Joint Sound). now that thats out of the way though, I'm heading to the Lake today with some friends for the weekend and we will be bumpin' the FUCK out of this! Rozay's style is REALLY starting to grow on me. Okay I'm going to stop abusing the caps lock button and POST THE SONG! (had to haha).
"I'm not a star, somebody lied I got a Choppa in the Car that'll tear yo ass apart."

"Slow John" - Lil Wayne x Rick Ross VS Com Truise

"Rolling Stone" - The Weekend

Still not sure how I feel about these guys. They have a giant Drake (and I'm assuming YMCMB) co-sign so expect to see them around, but honestly this Isn't my style. I don't want to cause a rift or anything, but...Frank Ocean > The Weekend. Solid Track though.

"Guinness Flow"/ Chiddy Breaks World Record For Longest Freestyle!

A few months back there was a huge amount of buzz for Chiddy of the HipHop collective Chiddy Bang, was going to attempt to break the world record for the longest freestyle ever done. I mean the shit is crazy, I think its something like 9 hours and 15 minutes....DUDE DOES IT! It's insane. so hip hop!

PS: Heres a sick ass song released by Chiddy Bang a few days ago called Guinness Flow so of course I figured now was the perfect time to lay it on yall. Enjoy :)

"Guinness Flow - Chiddy Bang

Thursday, May 26, 2011

"How To Love" - Lil Wayne

This is definitely a change of pace for Tha Martian but what the hell....I kinda like it. I aint mad at ya Weezy

"Oh My" - DJ DRAMA Ft. Wiz Khalifa x Fabolous x Roscoe Dash

Shout out to 2BBZ for this one. I love the concept of this video to. I feel like those headphones are the key to living all of our wildest dreams! Need to get a pair of those. This video just makes me wanna get it in at the club tonight feel me fam?
Haha yall aint feelin me though.

Mr. Chi City Mayne: Whip Game UNproper

he's back!

Just me getting excited for EDC

Amber Rose covers VIBE.

Interesting that VIBE choose this one put on the cover considering theres a million pics of Ms. Rose that would probably sell way more.

" The Niceguys" - James Kelley Groovin'

Shout out to 2DBZ for this gem. Laughed my ass off, probably because its funny or it could be the weed smoke. It's loud round were I stay.SPARKK ITTTT!!

"HiiiPOWER"(Video) - Kendrick Lamar

Finally the visual for Kendrick's HiiiPOWER and damn this video is perfect for this track's sound (if that makes sense at all). Track produced by the always on point J.Cole. Kendrick Lamar's album #Section80*.

Heres the download.

"HiiiPOWER" - Kendrick Lamar

"Swerve" Shabazz Palaces

To be fair the full name of this song is in all actuality "Swerve... The reeping of all that is worthwile (Noir not withstanding" by another hip hop collective, Shabazz Palaces that I haven't really been following. Once again though this song has changed that. It sounds like a bunch of musical sounds and genres blended together. It's not messy though at all it actually flows together perfectly. Real banger right here.

"Swerve... - Shabazz Palaces

"I Cant Stop (PuffyTime)" - Theo Martins

Never heard of this guy but that familiar Flux Pavillion whomp, whomp, whomp drew me in and dude isn't bad at all. I'll keep my ear to the ground on this guy. I do know that he's gearing up for a pretty big Asia tour, and that he CANNOT STOP.

"Last Man Standing" - Asher Roth Ft. Akon

Ash snaps on this as usual. I'm feeling this beat to...its very um...inspiring? Enjoy your day fam.

Last Man Standing - Asher Roth Ft. Akon

"Wild Fire Remix" - SBTRKT x Yukimi(Little Dragon) x Drake

Been back at home in Dallas and haven't really been up to par with my post game. This is an older track but its a good one.
"Ya girls at my next show, OVOXO."

Sexy ass girl spitting to "Look at Me Now" while playing shooter.

She should really post where she's accepting boyfriend apps. True Love right here. whoop!

Friday, May 20, 2011

DAYTODAY: Season 4 Ep. 4 (Will it smoke?)

You fuckin right. SWAGGGERRRRRR!



The Big Homie Wiz Khalifa lends his vocals to YC's RACKS track. They both kill this one to.

"Racks" - YC feat. Wiz Khalifa

"Dreams Money Can Buy" - Drake( New!)

Just saw this via PigeonsandPlanes and man what can you say? Looks like Drizzy's gotten back in the both. This MIGHT very well be the intro off of Take Care, Drake's sophomore album.
Download attached to player. Don't fuck With Me.
Happy Friday :)
"My newest girl from back home got issue's with parents, and some charges how the fuck can I get her to Paris?"

"Dreams Money Can Buy" - Drake

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Closing Time" - The Five One

. Bad ass version of closing time by DMV natives, The Five One . I also have to say that I love the fact that these guys literally are like a hip hop punk rock band. It's kind of refreshing. Definitely more of their stuff to come.

Neutral Milk Hotel vs. Tyler, The Creator (Mash-Ups) | Pigeons & Planes

Neutral Milk Hotel vs. Tyler, The Creator (Mash-Ups) | Pigeons & Planes

"Blow (Video)" - Pusha T

Whoop. Just posted the My God visual off of Pusha's Fear of God tape and low and behold found another one thanks to P&P

"Monsters Mutants Vampires" - The Five One

Swag. Correction DMV Swag. Thats DC, Maryland, Virginia for you lame ass niggas.

"CDC" - Dom Kennedy Feat. Casey Veggies X Carter

Dom Kennedy Feat. Casey Veggies X Carter - CDC from on Vimeo.

Welp found another song's visual that I listen to around 5 times a day. Enjoy this (probably not as much as I do though).

"My God (Video)" - Pusha T

Pusha T - My God from on Vimeo.

Pusha has kept it pushin for the past couple of years silently starting his own solo career under the tutelage of Kanye West and his G.O.O.D Music label. I think him being able to strike out on his own has definitely done wonders for his career. Practically resurrected that because when was the last time the Clipse put out a real banger? Its all love though.

"Anti-Freeze (Video)" - Pac Div

Pac Div - Anti Freeze from on Vimeo.

Love the Pacific Division. This is off their latest project Mania, which you can download HERE.
Shout to 2DBZ

Ashes to Ashes Mixtape - Rick Ross


I used to really hate on Rick Ross when he first hit the scene. To me he always had this certain unmistakable Gucci Mane quality that really just rubbed me the wrong way. All that hanging out with Jigga man though definitely has sharpened "Rozay's" delivery, and the bar's have actually gotten better. More substance in em forsure. Ross's has also been making some major moves with his MMG or Maybach Music Group record label and has signed artists Wale and Meek Mill. "Big thangs poppin" down in Miami and Rozay's definitely spearheading the movement.

"Girls (Who Run The World)" - Beyonce (Video)

Not sure i agree with the whole message lol but its a sick ass visual and damn Beyonce is so fine!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jesus - Blu (NEW ALBUM!)

Finally, the man that brought us Below the Heavens, Blu is back with his latest project, Jesus. Haven't had a chance to listen to this but I'm sure its fire. It's only 10 bucks so support the homie and download HERE.

"Frontin" - Pharrell

PHARELL "frontin" from Gary Bryman on Vimeo.

latest #Throwbackoftheday joint. Classic

Here's the original video to.

The 8th Planet - The Neptunes Documentary

The Neptunes present "The 8th Planet" from Decon on Vimeo.

I have no idea when this came out but I think it was a while ago. This is soooo interesting though and inspiring.
Shoutout to IAMDONALD

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Black Thoughts 2" - Tyga

I can't believe i still haven't posted this shit. I have literally been banging this whole tape for about a month now and I'm still impressed. Tyga's delivery is so much more polished than his "lime in the coconut days (haha thats hilarious to type and read)", so this is definitely deserving a download.


Sick visual off of Black Thoughts 2 called "Reminded" - Tyga Ft. Adele.

Tyga - Reminded from Alex Nazari on Vimeo.

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Do It"- Tayyib Ali

Shout out to PigeonsandPlanes for this visual. What an awesome summertime song.

If you felt that download Tayyib's latest tape Keystone State Of Mind.

" I'm On One" - DJ Khaled Ft. Drake, Rick Ross And Lil Wayne

Anybody else not able to get onto blogger this morning? Ugh annoying anyway I don't think I need to say much for this one. The title says it all.
Happy Friday.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Watch You" - Benny Benassi and Clinton Sparks.

Sick. I don't typically do the Techno/Electronica songs, but this is awesome. such a great song.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"The Definitive Prayer"- Skyzoo


Khalifa visuals by Bill Paladino. Sick.

All these videos were shot by Pittsburgh native Bill Paladino. Whenever I need to make a sick ass video...I'm gonna go to this man.
FOLLOW like Twitter.

Wiz Khalifa - Name On A Cloud / Wassup from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

Personal Favorites. Name on a Cloud/ Wassup.

Wiz Khalifa - Never Been from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

Never Been

Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

Black & Yellow

Wiz Khalifa - Mezmorized (Director's Cut) from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

Mezmorized Directors Cut

Wiz Khalifa ft. Kev tha Hustler - Hello Kitty (On the Pill) from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

Hello Kitty (On Tha Pill)

Wiz Khalifa - In The Cut from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

In The Cut


DayToday Season 4: Episode 3

Haven't even watched it yet. Remember, either do it like a Taylor, or don't do it at all.

You see I'm lookin like a black grizzly in that black fur.

I know y'all have been sleeping on just how clutch Rudy Gay really is. Arguably the best closer in the game today. Dudes got literally no ceiling. Talent for days right here.

Awesome buzzer beater by my man Rudy Gay in Lebron's facial.

Another perfect shot to take out the Oklahoma City Thunder by Rudy Gay

Stole Toronto's heart with this one right here.

Rudy Gay: Ballin' in Memphis from Leigh Ellis on Vimeo.

So basically what I am saying is that after about 4 years in the league...move over, Rudy Gay in this bitch.

"It's a Party" - B.O.B& Yelawolf

Good Morning y'all.

It's a Party - B.O.B and Yelawolf

Monday, May 9, 2011

Supra. (ILSVM)


I'm Tiger Woods and I fuck bitches.

"Piffsburgh"- Mac Miller


Released on 4/20 by the homie Mac Miller. Big shout out to dude. He's really doing his thing and getting shine at a time where if you aint named Wiz Khalifa and repppin the Burgh'...wait who are you again?
FOLLOW the #Mostdopegeneral

"My Last"- Big Sean Ft. Chris Brown x "My Last Freestyle (Video!)" - Chris Brown

Big Sean - My Last. from iAdoreGossip on Vimeo.

Sick Visual. My Last is the first single off of Big Sean's upcoming album Finally Famous: The Album dropping sometime this summer.

Chris Brown - My Last (Freestyle) from Mechanical Dummy on Vimeo.

Dummy fresh visual for a freestyle verse by the man Chris Brown.

"Hasta Abajo (All The Way Down Video) x Third Eye (Video)" - Kellee Maize

"Hasta Abajo (All the Way Down)

"Third Eye"

"Start None" - Kellee Maize

I guess my blog is just a good as platform as any to confess my undying love for Kellee Maize.This Pittsburgh rhymer has got it all. Bad ass delivery, flow, timing, wordplay, sex appeal, style and not to mention SWAG out the ass. Anyway I'm done gushin, but what can i say, Kelle does it to me i guess haha.

Yeezy LIVE @ Coachella.

Video: Kanye West at Coachella 2011 (Full Concert) from IAN+BE on Vimeo.

Well damn if ya'll haven't seen or heard at this yet the big homie Kanye West, tore shit down. For real, one of the most grandiose performances ever. Dude performed some mad old songs to like Diamonds Are Forever, All Falls Down, Through The Wire and Golddigger and even the more recent bangers like Hell Of A Life, Power, All of The Lights and Gorgeous. Bottom line is Mr. West Killed it straight up. It's long as hell (1 hour and 40 minutes or so, but mad worth it.

It's called Guerilla Blogging. It's what I do.

Swag Season ya dugg. The Wizzle man tearing down Coachella, performing his hit single Black&Yellow off Rolling Papers in stores and on Itunes now.

Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow from Bill Paladino on Vimeo.

"Stay high like how i'm sposed to do, that crowd underneath that cloud, they can't get close to you."

"True Love" - J. Cole

Older track from the man J. Cole. Great storytelling as usual from dude. Shouts out to Frank Ramz and P&P

Real Life Rocky.

Rondo dislocating his elbow, coming back into the game and driving the Boston Celtics to a 97-81 victory over the Miami Heat, putting the series at 2-1, Miami. I personally don't like watching this, but a ton of people do so "enjoy."

Humble Pie.

As much as this hurts my pride...what the hell Kobe? For real?

feeling like the Chris Paul of this "Fall".

Feeling a bit like this picture right now. I'm 21 and really starting to realize that if you want something you've got to work for it. Straight up. No Bullshit. You've got to save and plan and sacrifice to really achieve what you want. In the words of Childish Gambino, "So quit talking shit and just be a rapper." If you want to be a rapper, producer, athlete, lawyer, doctor or whatever you need to start becoming that. It's simple really. I'm not equating this blog at all with me realizing my dreams in life or anything, but I have always wanted to make a cool music blog and I feel like it's beginning to take shape in some way. Ha, it's funny how much a picture and the right song playing at one moment in time can inspire.

PS. Iv'e been meaning to listen to a few tapes but haven't had the chance. Y'all should to.

Xaphoon Jones: Vol. 2

Self Portrait - Rai Knight

House of Balloons - The Weekend

"Made Men" (Video) - Rick Ross Ft. Drake

Damn this snaps. I just re-watched Drake's verse about 4 times. This will be blasted all day tomorrow out tha window of the 97' Infiniti J30.

"Everyday"- Rusko

Rusko - Everyday from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

sick sound and video.


Asher Roth "Don't buy this Album" from Luke Tedaldi on Vimeo.

haha this is kind of funny. So i guess this was supposed to be a promotional video for Asher's Asleep In the Bread Aisle and the funny thing is its definitely foreshadowing the fact that this album didn't take off like most predicted. Great job off piecing this together to. Shout's out to Luke Tedaldi on the visual.

"Gotta Get Up" (Video!)- Asher Roth

"Gotta Get Up" - Asher Roth from Luke Tedaldi on Vimeo.

Sick ass visual for the song "Gotta Get Up" off of Asher's latest collaborative mixtape venture with fellow Philly native MC, Nottz.

Get it all HERE

"Jack Sparrow"- The Lonely Island (Video)

Michael Bolton and the boys of The Lonely Island. Bahaha Oh and Turtleneck & Chain drops everywhere in the US this Tuesday, May 10th.

Cudder cover's ZINK magazine.

Cudder's the first male to ever grace the cover.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

*Finally Famous Vol 3 (Tagless)- Big Sean

This came out a while ago but for those of you who don't have Big Sean's latest project it's a banger. Plus you don't have to listen to any DJ's yellin. I'll put a visual or two up.

Big Sean - Too Fake (Ft. Chiddy Bang) from on Vimeo.

Whole tape can be Downloaded here.

New Big Sean "I DO IT"!

New fire right here. 2nd single off Big Sean's upcoming album Finally Famous: The Album. Drops June 21. Thanks to P&P

Ollie Vs. Falkor

This is Ollie.

&this is Falkor from The Never Ending Story.

Lazy Sunday. Happy Mother's day to mom and grandma if you guys are reading this. I wish i could be home with yall. Game 4...I don't even know

"So Forgetful" (Video)- Lloyd Banks&Ryan Leslie

Sick. Off Llyod's Hunger For More 2.

"calling me the new Will Smith, that's Jaden"

The Wizard and Jaden. I like this

Donald Glover

posted by: A.Mega

"Couldn't see me as spider man and now I'm spittin venom"

miss me kiss me lick me

posted by: A.Mega

found the video to arguably the best jerkin' song ever. coldflamez in this bitch.

a star is born.

February 12, 2009...I think I'll go ahead and thank you right now Mr. Graham.
" OVO click, red wing boot game."
posted by: A.Mega

30,000 and countin.

This. Is. Legit.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


First off, Let me formally introduce my first fellow author and co-writer here at APPEALING SOUND, "El Gypsy." Looking forward to working with the Gypsy Man, so "Welcome aboard son." I saw the post about "No Homo," got interested, and found this project by the comedy trio, The Lonely Island. Incredibad was the first full length album from the comedy group, and these dudes have got some funny shit on here, really.Here's a couple tracks. Enjoy.



"No Homo" - The Lonely Island

posted by: El Gypsy

So here are two singles that leaked off of The Lonely Island's new album, and it is exactly what you would expect. These guys are comedic geniuses and I'm looking forward to the rest of their album.

Turtleneck & Chain - The Lonely Island

No Homo - The Lonely Island