Friday, April 6, 2012

Meet Madame Rosebud

"Tat my name on you girl so I know it's real..."

I like to think I know true art also, I'm not the write up kind of guy and that is what I feel makes Appealing special, but beauty like this must not go unnoticed and it's nice to see that it hasn't. This is Madame Rosebud...she is a siren in the sense that her beauty is just....transfixing. Her tattoos seem perfectly placed on some of the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. I am a HUGE fan of women with tattoos of any me it's arguably the sexiest thing on a woman, but don't get it twisted ya'll she is not lacking anywhere...ANYWHERE. Okay I'm done gushing lol this is a music blog after all, but hell couldn't help myself. Here's to you Madame.

I don't think hypnotizing does this justice, Just be sure to have a towel on deck.....for the drool you perverts :)
A little dated, but head over to Stagg for a few more recent shots of this beautiful vixen. If your bold...Follow

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