Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm Baaaaaack/ Childish Gambino- Eat Your Vegetables

Pic provided by KushandWizdom

All I have to say about my recent absence is...I'm back...with some fire baby, so lets get to it...This first track I'd like to pair with my return to the blogging scene is just liquified dopeness. Just top notch all around. The metaphors, the play on words (A Trayvon Martin line that'll get your attention) and just that gritty emotional style that Childish aka D-MONEY (that's kind of lame) always brings..yet, and I'll say it, a bit more trill ASAP in his flow that's new to me. It works though. Also Donald is super active on his Tumblr so that's definitely something to check out.
Enjoy familia. 

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