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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

J.Cole Interview with Hardknock.TV

These interviews go in order from top to bottom. Enjoy yo!

Part. 1

Part. 2

Part. 3

"We Good" - Rockie Fresh

He's. On. Next. Period.

"We Good" - Rockie Fresh

"Otis" - Jay Z x Kanye West x Otis Redding

Watch The Throne
coming soooooo sooooooooon......August 1st for you outta the loop ninjas and samurais lol. 

"Otis" - Jay Z x Kanye West x Otis Redding

"O.T.T.R." - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean x Curren$y


"O.T.T.R." - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean x Curren$y

"Trouble On My Mind (Video!)" - Pusha T x Tyler The Creator

Posted the Audio for this one and low and behold, I see the video tonight....It was meant to be!!! lol. Enjoy.

"Flowers" - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean x Curren$y

Feeling like a kid on Christmas morning with this one yo. Enjoy

"Flowers" - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean x Curren$y

"Miss Cali Sunshine" - G5 The Jett

Banger from some dude named G5 The Jett. I could sure use some Cali Sunshine. How bout yall? Heres another track to listen to while ya think about it. Enjoy.

"Miss Cali Sunshine" - G5 The Jett

"Weed Brownies" - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean x Curren$y

whew! I feel like I must have been dreaming for the past few days, but It's looking like Wiz, Big Sean and Curren&y are going to just keep putting out bangers every day for the rest of the summer. O to live in a perfect world lol, but anyway heres another one titled "Weed Brownies."

"Weed Brownies" - Wiz Khalifa x Big Sean 

"Trouble On My Mind" - Pusha T x Tyler The Creator

Ok honestly when I first heard that this joint was in the works, gotta say, that the tidal wave of hate and disappointment that I felt initially was almost to much. I overreact like everyone else though lol, this bitch is pure fire. Tyler's flow is on point, Pusha kills to but I mean what else would you expect?

"Trouble On My Mind" - Pusha T x Tyler The Creator

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Moment Of Clarity" - Rod T

Heater from Texas artist Rod T, and I gotta say yall, dude holds his own over J. Cole's Pre-meditated track. You can definitely feel all of the honesty and realness oozing out of this one and really one can't help but get drawn in. It's just so interesting. Lol I'm really not a huge fan of write ups as yall probably already know, but sometimes it's necessary. Anyway I'm done ranting, Enjoy this one!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From The West$ide With Love II Album - Dom Kennedy

Not to be outdone Cali native Dom Kennedy, released his latest album From The West$ide With Love II. Solid. I mean solid in it's highest form. Top notch production on this one, and Dom outdoes himself as usual. The whole laid back demeanor of the album adds to the "Cali playa" persona that he seems to have so effortlessly crafted and infused with his music. Not overloaded with features either which is a relief, FTWWLII, is a necessity for all y'all real niggas out there, wherever you may be.
Scoop the album HERE.
"Answer the Phone when a real nigga call!"

*PS: They're practically giving this album away for 6.99! Be sure to cop!

Finally Famous: The Album

After much anticipation and pushed back release dates, on June 28th, 2011 Big Sean finally released his first studio album, Finally Famous: The Album. We've come to expect some huge things from the G.O.O.D. Music representer and this album does not disappoint In the least bit. All of the tracks cater to Sean's fast and wit filled flow, and his crystal clear delivery can be felt in every line, with verses like "Sippin on shit older than me, the warmer the weather the colder the drink, the colder the weather the warmer the mink, I'm living life like I found a fucking check with no Ink," Sean solidifies his place in Hip-Hop today as one of the (If not the best) rapper out right now. On a personal note I've listened to this album about 6 times through (3 times back to back) , and It's got me hooked. 
Support Big Sean and grab the album HERE.

Here's a few tracks that were pre-released for download

"Don't Tell Me You Love Me" - Big Sean

"My Last" - Big Sean

"Smoke Break" - Curren$y

Short visual from Spittah off his previously released Covert Coupe tape available for download Here.

"This Is The Life(Video!)" - Curren$y

Arguably the hottest single off of Curren$y's newly released album Weekend at Burnies. This album is sick, If you don't already have it grab it on Itunes or from tha man himself.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Till I'm Gone" - Tinie Tempah x Wiz Khalifa

New track from London MC, Tinie Tempah featuring Wiz Khalifa.
Raw. Shout out to Tinie on his "Americanized grind." I mean dudes been getting it in in a major way, revamping his album for some more American appeal, performing at Lolopalooza, and definitely getting his chops in, making the rounds with some of the biggest American rappers in the game right now. Word to tha UK.
S/O to Pigeons on this one.

Friday, July 1, 2011