Friday, July 13, 2012

The Zenith - Wale x Stalley x Rick Ross

Seriously though, what a sinister looking group of muthafucker's haha and is that Omarion I spy in the background? Hmm maybe he can make this track go "bump bump bump"...aaaaaaaaaannnnyyyyyywaaaay wake up to this joint. Perfect song to start a productive day off with, especially if that day involves being an overall boss. If you can't feel this song, real talk. check ya pulse! Shout out to MMG for continuing to beat nigga's heads in with this dope music. 
Enjoy Familia 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Smoke you a bong, and hit you a blunt, and buy you a zone, and roll you a J...

Friday, April 13, 2012


Damn I wish soooo badly that 2pac was still alive... it makes me sad as hell, I wonder what would have been different.
all that Free Masonry bullshit needs to go, we need to end all of this satan worship and shit, get back to who we are as real people! Stop chasing these damn dollars yall, for real It's a poison to our society! Not saying don't make money...but don't let the money make you! I mean it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is absolutely amazing....

Apple should really consider donating a million Ipod Shuffles to nursing homes. This is breath taking.

Big Sean- Supa Dupa Lemonade

Don't really care how old this is, I still stand by this joint as Big Sean's best song. At least it is in my opinion and honestly that's really all that matters.
Enjoy Familia


She did it again, Lana Del Rey brings another sultry yet heartfelt serenade with Video Games.
Enjoy Familia

Meek Mill- Faded Too Long

Whew, well you don't always get this type of flow from Philly native and current MMG superstar Meek Mill, so when we do get these small glimpses past the motorcycles and cash its nice. Shouts out to Philly and all the impoverished kids all over. This is slated to be on Milly's Dreamchasers 2 mixtape that is set to drop 04/24 Also my last post about Jalen Rose and Skip Bayless getting into it was deleted because I think ESPN's First Take took the video down so yeah. Sorry if you didn't get a chance to see it, but it was epic.
Enjoy Familia

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mac gets pretty introspective with this one, Pittsburgh in this bitch.


First off, Shouts out to HYPEBEAST for the picture (which is the shit),and the song. With that being said everyone make a little noise for Jay Electronica, dude sort of disappeared for a bit, but apparently his album is finished and is in the very very capable hands of the good folks over at Roc Nation.


Finally, the visual for this track is here! Honestly this is my favorite song off of Cole's debut album, Cole World.  Love this one.
Enjoy Familia

Lil Blake Griffin is a murderer

Lil' Blake from Blake Griffin      

bahaha this dude is absolutely hilarious.
you go blake griffin you go.


I'm with the murder the cops...We in the building..BITCH YOU ARE NOT!!!
love Mill's energy in EVERY song he does and Rozay just comes through with that emperor type flow that just makes you think, damn this dude could get me murked just by raising a finger lol. MMG baby!

YC- Racks Remix

I'm all about it today, Turn up! Turn up! YC YC YC!!!!
arrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh so trill!!!

YC- Racks Ft. Future

So, coming home from the plasma donation center (broke ass college kid) this joint came on and hot damn I forgot how hard this one goes! Maybe it was because of all the blood loss or something, but I lets just say...ya boy was in the car getting it lol hell yeah
Enjoy Familia

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nardwuar vs Snoop Dogg

All you new up and coming artist, for real, forget about the chains and records and sold out shows...YOU ARE NOT on until this man interviews you. His name is Nardwuar the Human Serviette. Do a little YouTube research and you'll see that he only interviews the best in the game, with a little twist haha. We have much love for #Nardwuar over here.
Enjoy Familia

Friday, April 6, 2012

Drake- HYFR (This ones for you Taylor Fields)


We goin out tonight... HYFR!!!

Meet Madame Rosebud

"Tat my name on you girl so I know it's real..."

I like to think I know true art also, I'm not the write up kind of guy and that is what I feel makes Appealing special, but beauty like this must not go unnoticed and it's nice to see that it hasn't. This is Madame Rosebud...she is a siren in the sense that her beauty is just....transfixing. Her tattoos seem perfectly placed on some of the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. I am a HUGE fan of women with tattoos of any me it's arguably the sexiest thing on a woman, but don't get it twisted ya'll she is not lacking anywhere...ANYWHERE. Okay I'm done gushing lol this is a music blog after all, but hell couldn't help myself. Here's to you Madame.

I don't think hypnotizing does this justice, Just be sure to have a towel on deck.....for the drool you perverts :)
A little dated, but head over to Stagg for a few more recent shots of this beautiful vixen. If your bold...Follow

RICHKIDSNDSYSTM- Not Far From Home (Visual)


It's Friday, Shit my favorite day of the week...Heres what Ima do.
1. Roll it up...TIGHT!
2. Pour it up...STRONG! (TURN UP!)
3. Lastly, and most importantly, bang this one wit tha doors open...I know what them girls like, and apparently RICHKIDSNDSYSTM does to. Thanks for the banger ya'll

ScHoolboy Q- Hands On the Wheel Ft. A$AP Rocky

So School Boy Q is one of my new favorites, yep I pick favorites and pairing him with another guy (It's #PrettyMuthaFucka) that gives me goosebumps..well that's just unfair.
Enjoy Familia

Jay Fresh and Ryan Parr- How I Roll

Okay this Murks Wayne's The Office remix...seriously these dudes are talented as hell.

Taylor Boykin

This is Chris. He's a cool guy.

Jay Fresh- Just A Man

Everyone who comes here knows I am not big on write ups at all, so that is not gonna change..I think to many words from me will just take away from the music.
Enjoy Familia

Jay Fresh- Amazing

Amazing sums this song up, so proud of you Jordan...keep shining bruh, that star is only going to get brighter.



Pretty Flacko...A$APMOB in here.

It's that A$AP Mob once again...$WAG! This time at #Thrasher

Seriously though these dudes are just way to fresh...I respect that A$APMOB so much it's stupid haha, ya'll are always welcome on this site. Why?? That sound is just so APPEALING. bahaha and A$APYAMS is way to funny, got me in stitches haha "shout out Stone Cold Steve Austin".
Enjoy Familia 

So this is Nyssa Nevers :)

I'm not into the the ropes and bondage and what not, but hell might have to make an exception in this case. Shout out the beautiful Ms. Nyssa Nevers, and KarmaloopTV. 
Definitely check out Ellen's site and @ellenstagg 
Enjoy Familia...I sure did.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I don't know anything about these guys at all...What I do know is good music.
Enjoy Familia
Shout out KarmaloopTV for this gem.

Smoke DZA- Loaded visual


Sorry KushedGod I'm so late with this one, (10 months to be exact) but damn man this is fire, love how mellow and laid back this joint is and the production by Lexus...on point as usual...wouldn't expect anything less from them Jets.
Enjoy Familia

What do you do when the person you love the most....

Wont give you the time of day, and treats you like a piece of crap...hmmm you immerse yourself into your school, your work, and your passion. You make yourself so busy, and so focused that tunnel vision sets in. I'm talking about blinders yall. For those of you who are not aware of what blinders are, they are what race horses wear to block out all of the side shit going on, enabling the race horse to focus on the task at hand. So that is what I am doing...I will pour every ounce of what I have into this blog. This is one can take this from me. NOBODY! This is the freedom I was speaking about in my earlier post, and to anyone that is reading this...Appealing Sound loves you to death, UNCONDITIONALLY. No pictures, no songs, just me venting being real.

Antoine Desean Jones

Its funny because...

I used to care about peoples validation of what I do but shit.....Ima do me and take off like a rocket ship, cuz im hot as shit, bitch im positive, now im in her throat like some muh fuckin lozenges. Freedom feels good yall, feels good.

Domo Genesis- Guess Whose Back ft. Veggies

I'm feeling this. yea....YEAAAAAAAA

This family

Love, Unconditional. Don't let it die....

A$AP > oddfuture.


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Miss This...


Wonder if we will ever see Scott like this again....

Kirko Bangz- Drank In My Cup


One of the better R&B songs from rapper Kirko Bangz, a Houston native, whose love for that purple has produced one of the better tracks of the past year. This is Kirko and Wale live by the way which makes it that much better.
Enjoy Familia

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Drizzy Tears Down SJSU...The Motto

Now she want a already know only live once thats the motto nigga YOLO

Art Kaufman on Texas Tech Spring and Defense


Juicy J- You want deez rackz

Go ahead Juicy, make it happen bruh! TGOD! TURN UP! TURN UP!
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Introducing Lola- Stay Scheming Freestyle

These fucking Taylor's have been busy as hell since my hiatus ha, oh well that just gives me more work yall...LETS GET IT, TURN UP!
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While you were sleeping.....

as Chev says... Still keepin it cot, TURN UP, TURN UP, TURN UP!

Daytoday Miami TURN UP

Turn up, Turn up, Turn up!

Wiz Khalifa- Brainstorm

Visual for Brainstorm off of Wiz and the Taylor's latest effort, Taylor Allerdice, which you can cop here
Okay, but seriously If you don't already have Allerdice on your shit...get with it or get run over.

Daytoday SXSW

If you know me personally (or if your familiar with appealing sound) you know that I fuck with Wiz and the whole Taylor Gang so I post all things Taylor. Got some catching up to do but where better to start then the present right?
Enjoy Familia

Faded- Tyga Ft. Weezy

Tyga feat. Lil Wayne "Faded" from joseph labisi on Vimeo.

I just love this damn video and song, nothing deep to post I just like this shit. Goes hard as hell.
Enjoy familia

I'm Baaaaaack/ Childish Gambino- Eat Your Vegetables

Pic provided by KushandWizdom

All I have to say about my recent absence is...I'm back...with some fire baby, so lets get to it...This first track I'd like to pair with my return to the blogging scene is just liquified dopeness. Just top notch all around. The metaphors, the play on words (A Trayvon Martin line that'll get your attention) and just that gritty emotional style that Childish aka D-MONEY (that's kind of lame) always brings..yet, and I'll say it, a bit more trill ASAP in his flow that's new to me. It works though. Also Donald is super active on his Tumblr so that's definitely something to check out.
Enjoy familia.