Friday, May 6, 2011


posted by: A.Mega
Just finished my first exam. I really do enjoy Michelle(thats my Psych professor). She definitely understands the stresses of us students, being so young, she probably can just relate to us. I mean i can't imagine that she was in the same position I was in not that long ago. Anyway yes tonight is the defining night for our season. I personally believe that Kobe Bryant is gonna hang all of that "facilitator" crap up and come out Black Mamba style, balls in hand and punishing whichever defender is dumb enough to try and "lock him up". As always though there is that question that everyone in the world right now is asking. Can the Lakers pull off the impossible, steal 2 games in Dallas, go back to L.A take one and hopefully steal one in Dallas? Maybe the Mavericks will split their home series with us, we win the one in L.A. and game 6 in Dallas and take it to a deciding game 7 at the Staples center?? Ha the thought of that game alone is dizzying, but anyway gotta head to work for the night. I'll leave y'all with this little gem off of Frank Ocean's Nostalgia,ultra mixtape that you can snag HERE. This joint is called "we all try, and is essentially a slow paced, smooth ballad about the burden of opinions and beliefs, while attempting to make sense of the conflicting ideas we go through as humans. All of that combined with the fact that I am all over this tape at the moment, which is an obvious bias, and you've got yourself one hell of a song to listen to whenever the worlds seemingly crashing in around you.

"we all try"

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