Friday, September 23, 2011

"Trilla"- A$AP ROCKY x A$AP Twelvy x A$AP Nast

AYYYY its Friday and I've for sure got something for yall to ride to. I feel like if any song came with listening tips and instructions it should be this one. Fugg it, here are the official APPEALING SOUND instructions for listening.
1. Roll up whatever it is that your smoking today, blunt or J. I don't discriminate either so load that bong up, pack that bowl either way just get it going.
2. Take a sip of whatever it is you should be sippin on. Come on man its Friday, and if your a broke as shit college student like myself, keystone light or natty ice will do just fine.
3. Bump this and let the slow, and methodic, TX screw inspired beat sooth you.
4. Okay here's where it gets tricky, at this point my guess is the substances are beginning to kick in and your starting to feel great. As much as you may want to start putting your own lyrics to this beat, RESIST THE URGE! I promise you that Rocky and his A$AP cohorts, got this one.
5. Okay so now your starting to vibe to this shit right? Mhmmm thats what I thought. Welcome to Trilla.

Additional tips: doesn't hurt one bit to call up a few females and maybe take this whole listening venture poolside does it? And to my fellow nappy headed negroes out there growing that fro out...invest in a snapback please? you know the grow process is the most stressful. haha anyway I'm done. Happy Friday friends. Hit the break for Download.

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