Friday, September 23, 2011

The Wave (Apology)

Hey's been a little while ha. I can't deny that I have recently felt like a bad friend to this blog. For most of you this is a first and one time visit to appealing sound and so you may not get this. Thats okay, because this is for all readers new and old. So just sit tight, read this and let me explain. Now as awesome as it would be for this to be my one job in life, (Still working on that transition, shout out Confusion and Complex) sadly It isn't. So just like all of you who, I'm sure jump on your laptops, smartphones, or Pads and want to spend countless mind numbing hours sifting through the annals of Appealing Sound's very short but interesting musical collection you just can't. Maybe you've got an assignment due, maybe your studying for your 4th exam of the week or working a double shift struggling to keep your head above water. Point is we all are slaves to real life no matter how badly we want it to not be so. We all love to get lost in a song, wether it's your first listen to Wayne's newest, unreleased, "exclusive"track or maybe its some song, by some band that sounds cool. Music is our escape people. Plain and simple. Look at it like this, I'm sure that this post is absolutely riddled with punctuation and grammatical errors and thats totally okay! Know why? Because its not about that at all!!! ITS ABOUT THE MUSIC! Thats all that matters folks! So here is where my apology comes in. As the founder/writer/A&R/ and everything else that this blog entails, I have failed you and I apologize guys. That wave we like to call life came and is still coming down on me but that is ONLY going to serve as a motivation to keep Appealing fresh. No more month long lulls between posts. No more "I just don't have the time to post, maybe tomorrow." We are all familiar with the old saying, "Excuses are like assholes, everyones got one." Maybe they should change that saying to, "Excuses are like assholes, everyones got one, but when it comes down to it no matter what the excuse, its still just a load of Bullshit." I will be better for yall. Music first. So in the illustrious words of a certain DMV native Wale, #NODAYSOFF. 

Love and Peace to all,

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