Thursday, May 5, 2011


posted by: A.Mega
So i decided to do this while sitting on the toilet. Sorry mom love you. Anyway why not attempt to chronicle Nick and My adventures throughout the exciting, West Texas city of Lubbock Texas all summer? Well here it goes. this is the first installment of "The adventures of Mr.Antoine and Mr. Nick!" So this one is pretty funny. Me and Nick are flat broke and have a few primo coupons to Whataburger. So after gathering exactly $12.15 in change we head over to Whataburger and encounter a toothless homeless women who sleight-weight harasses us off the premises, Ferrel cats that roam Lubbock all the damn time and being a broke in college.
Shout out to Chip Tha Ripper's: Gift Raps. I post about that at an earlier date HERE actually.

PS. Nick Akers is one of the authors on this blog also and while we eagerly await his first post i will refer to him as "Gypsy," in every future episode of "The Adventures of Mr. Antoine and Mr. Nick. I like how he corrects me around 1:04 telling me "this isn't a restaurant, they don't "keep the change."" Ha to true.

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