Thursday, May 5, 2011


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Anthem's tweet really does say it best. Kobe Bryant is personally my favorite basketball player. period.end of story. Theres nothing anyone can do to change my mind so i am often extremely stubborn and pig headed when it comes to the Lakers. With that being said though...things are looking pretty bleak for the once dynamic, champion Los Angeles Lakers.First and most importantly, their team defense has been absolutely horrible this series. Last night, I just had to sit on my already uncomfortable couch and watch my team get bombarded with 3 after 3 after 3 after 3. GET A HAND IN SOMEONES FACE! Add to that, that Pau isn't really playing worth a damn at all.He Played pretty shitty the first series and is actually playing worse this series. Kobe's knees and finger look like they may be taking a little toll on him but thats to be expected. Hes been playing basketball at the highest level the world has to offer for about 14 years now. Fisher is also showing some signs that the years hes spent on the court are not helping him out, physically, against some of the best point guards the NBA has to offer night in and night out. First seris CP3 and now this J. Kidd and J.J. Barrea combination are giving the Lakers fits. Odom couldn't buy himself a bucket so im questioning that whole marriage to Chloe. She's got plenty of money so take the lid off the rim and get a W! AND ARTEST??? I won't even start in on him. So, with all that being said Bynum played a GREAT game last night and......I still got MY LAKERS in 7. BEAT DALLAS. Next to games are below because this is do or die time for all my Lakers fans.
Game 3: @Dallas Friday Night
Game 4: @Dallas Sunday Afternoon

Kobe interview after game 2 loss

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