Thursday, May 5, 2011

"NOT FAR FROM HOME"- Rich Kid Sound System

posted by: A.Mega
8:01 A.M. first of all Good morning Fam. Man I had the craziest dream about a dolphin that could talk named Theophilus and we were on some quest to save his underwater city from facing the same watery fate that claimed Atlantis. We ended up fighting some sort of squid or octopus monster with actual opposable thumbs. Sorry I got sidetracked, anyway I i needed something to take my mind off of Jules Vernes worst nightmare ever so when i came across this I was so relieved. Natives of Florida, Rich Kid Sound System blends,a sort of poppy upbeat production (kind of Sean Kingston like) with some stirring lyrics about their everyday life in one of the countries last remaining "paradise's".Their precise lyrics about good times and beautiful women trying to make it big by taking their talents to South Beach, are a perfect playlist jump off track for the summer..I'm actually pretty sure i was supposed to win or get a shirt from RKSS via their TWITTER.If you tweet, follow them and if you don't then you probably don't really want a is 2011 and Speaking of Florida...I feel like the Miami Heat look sort of invincible right now. JS

"Summertime all year is all i know, city of sunshine where the palm tree's grow."

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