Friday, May 6, 2011


posted by: A.Mega
Recently sober, Yes thats right if you haven't been anywhere near a computer, Cudder has given up the weed smoke. I mean I am personally totally cool with Cudi making this move. He has an interview out explaining why he is giving up that sexy Sativa that y'all can catch HERE. Ah well, We've gotten plenty of awesome, puff the magic dragon moments from Mr. Mescudi along with arguably some of the best music this young century has seen. Not everyone that hits music make the kind of ripples that Cudi did and still does. The man was and is the face of a movement that took over the hip hop world and changed the game. All of a sudden every rapper didn't need to be trappin, selling ridiculous amounts of drugs without getting caught but bragging about it every chance they get or any of that nonsense. Shout out Goldwatch on directing and shooting this. People who can take clips of video and turn it into something like this are amazing to me man. Anyway, I'm done preaching. Enjoy.

"The Journey Of Mr. Rager

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